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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 14, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm MST

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fire that is alleviate the suffer that's on the ground. i recognize that has not worked. and, it is something that i continue to think about everyday. we continue to find some formula that would allow us to see that suffering end. but, i think it is not surprising to you because you study this that if you have a syrian military that is committed to killing its people as necessary and it is supported by russia that now has substantial military answers on the ground and actively
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actively supporting that regime, and we are supporting what has to be our number one national security priority which is going after isil, both mosul. that the situation is not the same as it was. obviously, there were some questio questions of syria. >> although as i before in the after math of that campaign, the world community did not sufficiently support a security structure there and now is a situation that we have to get back in to a better place. last question is justin sinker.
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two things. [ inaudible question ] >> and his stance on immigration and congress governing -- [ inaudible ] >> those were both excellent
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on the deferred action that we had of dreamers who are benefiting from these provisions, i will urge the the preside president-elect to think long and hard before they are endangering the for all practical purposes are american kids. these are kids who are brought here by their parents and they did not thing wrong and they gone to school and they had pledge allegiance to the flag and some of them joined the military. by definition if they are part of this program, they are solid,
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character characters. it is my strong belief that the majority of the american people would not want to see suddenly those kids have to start hiding again. that's something that i will encoure to look at. with respect to guant?namo, it is true that i have not been able to close the darn thing because of the congressional restrictions that's been placed on us. what is also true that we have greatly reduced the population. you now have significantly less
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there are some transfers that may be taken place in the next two months. there are a group of dangerous people that we have strong evidence of having guilty of committing terrorist acts against the united states. because of the nature of the evidence in some cases, that evidence being compromised is difficult to put them before they took always been the biggest challenge for us. my strong belief and preference that we would be better off glucosiiiing -- closing gitm gitmo -- and moving them to a different facility.
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explore options for doing that. keep in mind, it is not just a matter of what i am willing to do. one of the things you discover being president is there are all these rule as and norms and law and you got to pay attention to it. the people that work for you are also subject to those rule as ad norms. that's a piece of advise that i gave to the in coming president. i am very proud of the fact that we will knock on wood and leaving this administration without any scandal. we made mistakes. i will put the ethics of this administration and our track
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rules and norms and keeping trust with the american people, i will put this administration against any administration in history. and the reason is because frankly, we listened and we had a strong council office and ethics office and we had people in every agency who he remind people that you hav have -- we got two million people working in the federal government and you include in the military. we had just to try to institutionalliz institutionallize it. it takes a lot of work.
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seriously as well. you would not know this if you listen to the news outlets, eventually, looking at the facts, it works. and, this is just one example of the numerous ways of which the federal government was much better today than it was without people knowing. va, people remember that the legitimate problems that were publicized in phoenix. it was scandalous of what happened. what people don't remember is that we brought in well over a million people who were getting benefits that they did not get before. driven the backlog for disability benefits way down.
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made the agency work better and not perfect but better. one of the models i have for my staff is better is good. perfect is unattainable but better is possible. so, we'll try to share the lessons that we have learned over the last eight years for the in coming president and my hope is he makes things better. and if he does, he will all benefit thank you, some of you were traveling and did not get to ask more questions. thank you. that was barack obama. the people have spoken and he praised president elect trump for the campaign he ran tapping in the anxieties and enthusiasms of his supporters and did say he had some concerns about a trump presidency but took comfort in
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donald trump is less ideological and laying down on hopes of issues and of the affordable care act and the iran nuclear agreement and the paris agreement which donald trump pledged to undo and martha radditz in that newsroom. the president also made some news saying that d told he wanted to maintain our strategic partnership with nato. >> he did, george. there were a lot of surprising things in this press conference. he did put the best faith forward about donald trump. he said certain elements won't serve him well and he will have to correct those elements but in general, president obama, he did not talk about steve bannon.
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president elect trump. he basically passed on that and whiffed on that despite some controversies about that election by president elect trump. president obama did say it is important what staff you do pick and what kind of staff you do pick. this was a healing press conference, the president does want this transition to be a good one. president elect trump has said the same thing >> that's right, martha. >> we are covering our president elect trump. the president was trying to be concili conciliateing there. >> he's laying down a lot of markers and giving a lot of hints and advise. >> i do. donald trump said he will seek the president's advice in his council. that's what the president did today. donald trump seems to not have any fact policies.
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supporters expecting him to repeal obamacare even though now we learned that he will now leave parts of it. he said he counciled president elect trump on his staff hires saying white house councils is one of those porimportant roles. steven bannon is somebody where all the groups who opposed on trump are furious that he's going to have a role in the white house. much more tonight on >> yeah, that is designed by guy, a very well recognized hairstylist, hair artist, i should say, of the internet. this is his glow in the dark style. >> that's a really cool look, though. >> if we go to the beginning of the video, he walks us through that entire process. >> yes, yes! >> yes!
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yes! yes! oh, do that again. do that again, yes. >> he then brushed on different types of dyes, including fuchsia, yellow, orange, red in an hombre-like pattern. >> hair glows so much, you can't see the colors picked up on the camera. just insane. look at that. like fire. >> they actually do manage to get it to glow in the dark. >> >> ultimate club hair. >> isn't that cool? >> never lose your girlfriend, right? if she had hair like that in the club, there she is. >> you could never lie about going to the bathroom when wanting to get away from annoying friends. >> i'm obsessed, guys, i'm obsessed. i know you are, too. love you guys. >> going to the gym, get that testosterone pumping.
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realize i locked my keys in the locker. now you have to eat a little crow and ask somebody, can you open my locker. that's what marcus from the marcus and sandy show on star 101.3 in san francisco had to do. marcus -- marcus had to get somebody to please let me into the locker. >> at least they can do it in a quiet way that's not going to attract attention. >> sure. >> sparks flying everywhere. yeah, yeah, that was me. >> waited a second or two before he grabbed the broken lock. >> might be a little warm. >> a little? >> yeah, it's hot, thanks. >> what's not embarrassing is this move. we've seen her before. she's decided to team up with her gym in new jersey. my home state, i see you. kicks off this clip of the
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resting approximately 500 pounds on her lap, as the camera slowly moves through the gym to reveal all the other muscular and fit people. >> these mannequin challenges have continued to up the ante. this one, i don't know, takes the cake. it's time for a game of -- real or fake. getting it started with a jumpy situation. then a frozen fish comes back to life. >> i t going to go real. >> and a game of virtual reality has a big impact. plus don't miss the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor.
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lly formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. who doesn't love a game of real or fake? so our own resident game show host mac dreidel joining us "right this minute." >> yeah! thank you very much, mac dreidel back installment of real or fake, where you can either keep it real or -- get the fake out! >> video number one! >> jumungi! >> there are people inside this office that jump as soon as you get too close to them. . not their fault. this looks like he might be sleeping for days, though. >> i'm going to have to get real.
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camera. >> definitely real. >> yeah, the reactions every time, always looked shock, not fake at all. i'm going real with you on this one. >> video number two. >> frozen fish out of the freezer. going to put it in this water here and stay tuned. >> there's another fish in there, too, what's going to happen? >> oh, is this like the bee thing where you can temporarily make the bee fall asleep? by freezing it and bringing it back? >> i don't see what would be >> this is real, all in one shot, you saw it swimming, still rolling now. i think it's possible. i'm going real. >> i'm going real with an asterisk because it's possible because they breed human body parties and put them back in you. >> freezer looks like a flash freeze kind of thing. >> yeah, didn't have time for the heart to stop. >> also may have caught it this morning. >> the internet says this fish is an arctic black fish and they
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sometimes a block of ice and survive without an issue, while water freezes at zero degrees celcius, the blood in fishes sometimes freezes at a minus .56 degrees or .65 degrees celcius, so the blood can still be flowing in the fish while the outside of the body is completely frozen. >> wow! >> that's what i was trying to tell y'all. >> so we're going real on this. >> video number three. >> this video appears to be taking place in russia. i guess they are pyi virtual reality game. >> i'm calling fake. never interested when you're playing games. >> oh! >> yeah, okay. definitely going fake after we see the guy get hit by the car. >> yeah, i'm going with that, too. only person that really knows what's going on is the guy wearing the goggles. >> right. >> so she can't really control his experience by pushing him around. >> you get hit, throws the controller to the left. definitely fake, mac, come on. >> this is fake.
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and impact, not hard enough. if you're going to fake it, you might need to break a bone or two. dogs just want to help. >> dogs are the most helpful creatures in the world and sometimes you only need one, but three have to get involved like in this video. you got a puppy stranded on that surf board. that poor puppy. it senses danger. golden retriever to the res crew. >> jumped in with the life vest on and immediately puts his mouth on the board and pushes the puppy to safety. another dog says it's pool time. now two of them are guiding the board to the side of the pool. in this next video, this dog doesn't really want to help out. that is the corgi helping on the channel, today's recipe is a little french cooking.
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>> no, he and chef matt are making kibble. basically, kibble with meat in a can with sauce and cheese. >> that's one heck of a meal. >> finally, take the hat off, put the bib on. samples, success, looks resistant, right? they bring in the other dog. see if the other dog likes it. she's sucking the food up. i guess that's w tatyana. >> still laughing. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years or older, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> go to, enter the win ipad button. >> you can enter each every day.
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>> head over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzz word, fantasy. >> later this week we're also going to be having a bonus give away day, where we'll give away an ipad mini as well as a flat screen tv, so stay tuned and good luck. a 73-year-old sword-wielding grandmother is teaching self-defense. >> she is a teacher, in fact, not only a teacher, i say
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>> you have to use a soft tooth brush, though. don't get the hard one that's going to strip your skin. all appears calm and quiet outside this unassuming building in india. as the doors open, you can see it quite the opposite on the inside. >> hey, hey, hey, girlfriend. >> meet 73-year-old, she is a
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say master. she has been at it for 66 years. she's got 150 students really from the ages of, like, 5 all the way up. >> incredible. i am in love right now. >> actually got the opportunity in my previous life to go to india and do it. you get right up close and personal. it's kind of like in a way like a sort of dance. in fact, she got started as a dancer. you've got some skills, you should try this. >> how sharp >> pretty blunt when you get to use them, but the thing is, she also teaches the local girls in the community self-defense. she's got a great quote for them. >> talk about what it means to them. [ speaking in a foreign
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>> she's got some really, really good moves. now, yes, there are injuries, but -- [ speaking in a foreign lang >> i pity the fool who thinks they can steal her purse. >> it's awesome. great story. if you want to see the entire thing, we'll stick it on our
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch daily" from here in new york... ? ? >> chris: real estate agent by day, murderous monster by night. all new developments on south carolina's of suspected serial killer. three dead bodies on his farm. >> apparently, everybody has been shot. >> chris: a chilling confession he shot up a shop. >> how do confess? >> i said a prayer. >> chris: no, did todd kohlhepp lead a coast-to-coast trail of bodies? >> he said, if somebody made the man, he would put them in a barrel and let them rot. >> chris: "crime watch daily" "crime watch daily"'s nerissa knight in spartanburg with the unsuspecting neighbors and todd's mother. >> what are you going through? >> chris: then, a beautiful socialite, and aspiring actress.


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